CSEA Contract

As many of you have already seen, heard, CSEA recently publicized both in print and on their website, their Tentative Agreement Highlights and other information regarding their contract vote. We, along  with the other court unions,( excluding CSEA), do not believe this is a good contract, nor is it a fair contract, as it contains more “give-backs” than benefits to its members.

Please know, that your union believes the “pattern” has been broken, beginning with the workforce reduction and continuing with CSEA Executive branch having a 5 year contract, PEF having a 4 year contract, and now CSEA Judiciary contemplating a 6 year contract.

Even if the CSEA membership were to approve this contract offer, it is not our contract offer.  While we have not begun negotiating with the State yet, the mission is to protect and maintain benefits, while seeking to negotiate a contract that alleviates the economic hardships of the past 3 years, and to make sure we are better, rather than worse off, with a contract.


Health & Welfare Audit is Still On-going

Effective January 1, 2014, children are eligible up to age 26.
(Fall 2013 semester was the last submission required to prove full-time student status)

Mail copies only; do not send originals.  Documents also may be emailed to info@cobanc.org, faxed to (516)794-7425 or mailed to the COBANC office

If there are changes you may be asked to fill out a new H&W card that is kept on file in the COBANC office.

Questions:  See your delegate or call the COBANC office