Your Safety is our Main Concern

Monday, November 19, 2018
As staffing has been reduced to alarming levels, we strongly stress the importance of your diligence at your workstations. Gone are the days if something had happened dozens of officers ran to your aid. This message is for your safety as well as all persons entering our facilities.
Our first line of defense is at the doors of the courthouses. We urge every officer who works these posts to be on alert as the bad people are counting our numbers and reporting back to their communities the lack of officers on our front lines. This empowers them more than ever to try and smuggle in contraband and weapons to use against our members, the public and the robes.
We band with our brethren in the metropolitan area in their fight for OCA to realize the dire situation our staffing levels are at. We are on life support and it will take ALL OF US - each and every one of our members- to administer CPR - so we don't expire.
Your safety comes first. Remember this holiday season, which is around the corner, is meant for everyone to be home safely with their loved ones - not on a stretcher or under a tombstone!

Think of OCA as an ostrich who needs to pull their head out of the sand and WE are going to help them. 

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