Vote No 2017 - No Constitutional Convention

Friday, July 7, 2017

Below is a video put out by the Nassau County PBA which shows why all concerned New Yorkers should vote NO on the November ballot question "Should there be a Constitutional Convention?" As the representative for COBANC, I am on the PEC (Public Employees Conference - over 200,000 NY Union members) Constitutional Convention Committee and besides working with Pat Cullen (SCOA) and Bill Dobbins (SCCEA)  to help select the Delegates, if there is a Convention, I am charged with putting out the word to our members and retirees to VOTE NO and to tell their family, friends and neighbors to also vote NO - and the reasons why. COBANC will be begin posting, quite frequently, videos and writings that support our position and what you can tell people in your sphere of influence about why they should vote NO.


SPECIAL WORD OUT TO OUR RETIREES. Don't for a minute think that your pensions cannot be touched after retirement. It has happened in numerous other states and can also happen in NY through a Constitutional Convention. Get involved. Your future financial well-being may be at stake.


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