Update on Clerks Upgrade

Friday, October 13, 2017

Dear COBANC members,

The below memo came out yesterday so I am sure it’s just a matter of time before it gets circulated around the courts. I wanted to show it to you with my message so you know what COBANC’s official position is on it and ask you to reject the rumors and rumor mongers spreading inaccurate, baseless and sometimes outright falsities.

As it says Clerks upgrade initiative is ongoing (not dead as the rumors would have you believe) and our Non-Peace Officer coalition, who have been in conversation for almost 2 years regarding (along with all the other titles) lower court attorneys (who start out as grade 24's) and grade 8's. So, we are making progress. I'm sure many job titles are going to be ticked-off that it's not them yet, especially the Clerks, but we have over 105 titles to argue for so I am happy that they have addressed three of them in this memo.

As you should know, upgrades, whether they are reallocations or reclassifications are not a mandatory subject of bargaining. So, OCA cannot be forced to negotiate them during contract talks. And, they are not mandated to upgrade titles under any scenario. The only “leverage” that we may have is to file “out of title” grievances. I believe we have MANY members working out of title. So, my strategy is that any of our titles that should be upgraded, and are not, will have out of title grievances filed on behalf of those members or job titles.

But, in our private meetings, OCA has been very candid in saying that they realize that almost all titles are doing more complex work, and obviously more work in general and that many titles SHOUD be upgraded. The Clerks, lower Court Attorneys and grades 8’s are the first (of many) to be acknowledged, and now addressed, after our two coalitions (Court Clerk upgrade initiative and our multi-union Non-peace Officer upgrade initiative) made our arguments. We will continue to make our arguments for these titles and EVERY title in COBANC.

I want to congratulate our grade 8’s as the first, and one of the most needed, titles to be awarded an upgrade.

The conversations regarding our lower Court Attorney’s and our Court Clerks will continue and appear to be the next titles that will be addressed.

Granted, it’s not as fast as we want but our two coalitions will continue to work hard to make these titles and ALL of our members titles upgraded to the level that is in line with the hard and complex work that they are now doing. It may take years to address every title, but I am determined not to stop until ALL TITLES have been addressed.

Click here to download the memo.

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