A strong and unified COBANC

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Message from Billy Imandt, President

Dear Brother and Sister COBANC members, welcome to the NEW COBANC. An association where we will go to new lengths to get you to trust us and to get you involved. With more involvement of our membership we will only be stronger for the challenges ahead of us.
Your new COBANC will ask you for permission to do things even when our Constitution doesn't require it. We will strive to have  our meetings in more pleasant and/or fun environments with better food in an attempt to engage you further to want to be part of it.

We want to bolster our committees by rewarding it's members with prestige and little perks along the way. In essence, we want our new COBANC to be YOUR COBANC.

We will be wrestling with contract negotiations, staffing and working conditions as our top priorities and the more involvement that we have from our members the better our chances are for success.

With the recent contract ratifications we will have to be especially more united and must speak more so as one voice to get a more equitable contract for you. To do so we ask you, please come back to COBANC.

As your new President and speaking on behalf of your new Executive board I want to reiterate, we get it: It's YOUR future, it's YOUR money, it's YOUR UNION!

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