A Moment of Silence

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

On this date 17 years ago, war came to our shores. In the hours that followed, we came together as one, to search for loved ones and friends. Those who had not lost someone knew someone who had, and helped comfort them the best they could.

In our court community we grieved with each other, as we learned of the horror as it unfolded and innocent lives were taken. Court Officers, although not looked upon as first responders, ran to assist in the evacuations and helped administer first aid. In doing so, Capt. William "Harry" Thompson, Sgt. Mitchel Wallace and Sgt. Thomas Jurgens perished making the ultimate sacrifice.

So as you go through your day, please take a moment to reflect and pray for all who were taken from us.


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  • RT : My Nephew Tommy was killed on 9/11/01 rescuing people from the South Tower of the World Trade Center along with his… https://t.co/sGjS7DCbgR
    2 years 2 weeks ago
  • Today we honor our heroes Tommy, Mitch and Harry. Never Forget.
    2 years 2 weeks ago