Happy Labor Day

Monday, September 3, 2018

Right now, our union is going through some changes. We have had a change in the top of our leadership, which has within it both people who are new to union leadership and people who have been apart of leadership for some time. We are all charged with enforcing our current Collective Bargaining Agreement and taking steps to build this union and make it stronger to handle all challenges presented to us in the future. Labor Day is upon us and although not all Americans wake up on Monday and say "Wow, thank god for unions. Barbecue today! I have the day off," most Americans understand that it is the theory and concept of collective bargaining that gives most workers, both union and non, a better living.

As you know, our union is in the process of updating our website and going through many different types of issues within our various work places, this is part of the job. I read a quote somewhere that said:
"It doesn't matter if you are a good union member during times of good, it matters if you are a good union member during the bad"

As you can see below we are waiting for two key pieces of legislation for Cuomo to sign. This Labor Day, I take Offense to the attitude that our members shouldn't have a union and the right to bargain for conditions in our work life, right to bargaining and I hope you do too. Our union is strong compared to other public employee unions that don't have their own offices, strong leadership, or a sense of identity. This Monday, on Labor Day, is the perfect time to talk to your friends and family about the benefits of unions. Let them know it is not all rosy, but it is better to have a voice on the job. Pettiness is meant to divide us and most of us are seeing through it. We need the nation to see past these divisive tactics as well because without unions there are no weekends and there is no Labor Day.


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