Governor Cuomo Vetoes Bills Initiated by COBANC

Thursday, December 13, 2018
Our Peace Officer and Tier Equity Bills have been vetoed once again, for the fifth year in a row, by a Governor who publicly states he is a supporter of Labor. He vetoed our bills "because the costs imposed were not accounted for in the State's financial plan". In prior years these bills were submitted with the necessary funding in the budget, only to see that funding removed. This year the bills were submitted again, with the required fiscal note.
What is most disturbing about this is the fiscal note attached to this legislation has a minimal impact on the taxpayers of this state. Especially when you compare it to how much money was spent by this Governor bringing high-speed broadband to rural areas! Why is that more important? - So they can watch high definition news coverage of law enforcement officers injured and killed in the line of duty?
It's immoral and unethical the way the court community is being treated by the Governor. In the balance sheet of society, we are being treated like a liability instead of an asset. How can you put a dollar figure on the value of the lives of law enforcement officers and their families?
Are we nothing more than a liability on the Governor's balance sheet?
Who will support our families should we make a sacrifice in the line of duty?
Maybe we should just pass around the cup like the poor unfortunate soul on the street corner ...
This is deplorable, disgraceful, and despicable. IT'S REPREHENSIBLE!
Let's not forget the other players in this game. Shame on you for working against what is just and fair. Chief Judge Janet DiFiore, Chief Administrative Judge Lawrence K Marks, Carol Kellermann (president of the Citizens Budget Commission "think tank") - we will remember. We will not let you forget.


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