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Thursday, October 22, 2015
Just got off the phone with our Lobbyist, Pete Meringolo, who told me that the "Kilbride" bill (Disability) has passed both houses and this morning, was placed on Governor Cuomo's desk. He has 15 days to sign off or veto. If he does nothing (not likely), it passes. Last year we were at the same point and he vetoed it with a note at the bottom as being too cost prohibited. We tweaked the bill and resubmitted it. Our Lobbyist believes that we have a 50-50 chance this time. If it is vetoed we have a right to see the file and see who, if anybody put in opposition to it. I have filed a memorandum of support for this bill to the Governor's office.
Also the Military buyback bill has also passed both houses and is on the Governor's desk. Pete believes that the Governor will veto this bill as being too cost prohibited.
That's how it works in Albany. You very rarely get a bill passed the first time out, so you keep tweaking and re-submitting and eventually, if it has enough merit, it should pass.
I'll keep you updated as new things develop.
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