The Clark Howard Show 

Sunday, October 1, 2017

How many of you have ever heard the Clark Howard Show on the radio? Clark has been on the air for almost 30-years. Clark is, for lack of a better term, a consumer advocate. He teaches listeners how to keep more of what they earn, live better (entertainment and health wise), how to set yourself up for a very comfortable retirement and to avoid scams and rip-offs. Latest topics on his show have been

  • The Equifax data breach and how this is a lifetime problem for the over 140,000,000 Americans whose entire credit profiles were hacked. Clark tells you how to best insure that you will not be a victim with some very simple steps, and it is NOT safe to use the free Equifax credit monitoring and identity theft protection they are now offering
  • Legitimate work from home second income jobs
  • Which credit cards are the best deals based on your credit score
  • Easy to set up and live by retirement strategies for you, your children and even your grandchildren
  • Clark's "Deals of the Day". Amazing stuff, sometimes FREE. Example: Clark recently alerted his listeners to a steal of a deal on a Samsung 58" 4K Smart TV for $549! I searched and searched and the best deal I could find for the same TV was at Walmart for $697.99
  • Clark also alerts you to the latest scams and rip-offs - and what to look for to avoid being taken
  • Clark's producers are also available for FREE, off the air advise, for 45-hours a week to answer any of these types of questions, especially ones that are specific to you.

Visit and unlock a wealth of helpful and even vital information for now, for your future and for your children's future. Just spend 10-minutes looking at the information on the home page or listen to one of his 35 minute podcasts (found on the home page) and I believe that you'll get hooked on it.  

You can hear Clark live on WICC, Bridgeport, CT at 600 on your dial Monday through Friday from 1-4pm and (7-10pm on days when the Yankees are not playing). Or, you can go to his homepage and download his podcasts from earlier that day or any shows from the three previous months. Try to listen to him in the car and learn something new virtually every day.

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