Some of the New Contract Changes

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Over the next few months we will be highlighting some of the new and improved changes that went into effect with the COBANC ratification of our 2011-2019 contract. We will be listing a few at a time with each web posting. To view the entire Memorandum of Agreement, which contains all of the changes from our previous contract, please click here.

Once the entire contract is printed, we will make them available to the members.
Article 8, Health Insurance, section 8.1, Appendix C  states, among other things, "...the state shall not increase the employee contribution level, co-payments and/or deductibles during the interim period between the expiration date of this agreement and the execution of a successor agreement."
Article 9, Annual Leave, Article 9.2 (e)(1) states, "employees shall be allowed to charge two (2) days of annual leave for emergency circumstances, per calendar year."
NOTE:This time CAN be used incrementally, meaning, [again for an emergency] three hours here, two hours there, etc., totalling 2 full days (14 hours). 
Article 9, Annual Leave, section 9.3 (a)(ii)(2) states, "using up to 15 days of Family Sick Leave in any one calendar year for absences from work in the event of illness of employee's spouse; domestic partner, natural, foster or step: parent; child; any relative residing with the employee [HAS NOW ADDED] or an individual for whom the employee is the primary caregiver."
These three sections were chosen because they are the first, non monetary, changes that appear in the Memorandum of Agreement. There are many other changes which will have a positive impact on your workday and your career. These are certainly not the biggest, just the first. Please look for other enhancements in future web postings.


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