NY Law Journal: Court Employees Union Rallies for Contract

Friday, May 27, 2016
Billy Imandt, president of COBANC, a union representing nonjudicial employees in Nassau County, leads a rally at the County Courthouse in MineolaTuesday.
Imandt said a total of 400 union members and 50 striking Verizon workers attended two rallies. The union has not had a contract since 2011.
"After six years, we decided we had enough and needed to take it to the streets and get some attention, so our bosses, the Office of Court Administration, will sit down and talk with us meaningfully about compensation packages, staffing and security," Imandt said.
OCA's 14,300 nonjudicial employees are represented by 12 unions, according to the OCA. It has a current contract with CSEA, which runs through March 31, 2017, and had contracts with seven other unions, which all expired on March 31, 2016. It has had no agreements since 2011 with COBANC and three other unions: the New York State Court Clerks Association, the New York State Court Officers Association and the Supreme Court Officers Association.
UCOMM Blog: When forces collide

For six years the court officers and court employees in Nassau County, also known as COBANC, have been working without a contract. As their medical cost increase and their wages decrease, every year each and every single person at the Nassau courts is getting poorer and poorer. So today for one of the first time in 20+ years, they put their foot down and held a very active and energetic rally in at the Nassau Courts in Mineola.

Flanked by signs that said “honk if you support unions” and “6 years without a contract” it was hard to hear the rally speakers because of the amount of honks coming from Old Country Road, one of Long Island’s busiest thoroughfares.

Attending the rally and picket were not just public employees comprised of Nassau COBA correction officers, Ninth Judicial District Court Employees, NYS Court Clerk Associciation, Association of Surrogates and Supreme Court Reporters, Citywide Association of Court Attorneys, Suffolk Court Officers and the Suffolk County Association Municipal Employees; what really stood out at this rally was the fact that 50 Verizon strikers joined in a show of solidarity. Click here to watch a video of CWA 1108 Dennis Dunn proclaiming that their fight is our fight and vice versa.


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