Constitutional Convention Meeting

Thursday, March 3, 2016

On March 3rd I attended the PEC (Public Employee Conference) Constitutional Convention committee (a/k/a CONCON) meeting, in Manhattan, as a committee member. I am one of 18 President's on the committee out of PEC's 76 union Presidents. PEC has been on the forefront for over two years now looking into what the chances are that the convention will, in fact, be held (the last time was 1967); and, if so, helping to select as many of the 204 Delegates as possible that want to preserve our active employee benefits, retiree benefits, the Taylor Law and keeping pension forfeiture to only elected officials. We all have our assignments and I am on the sub-committee to help select statewide Delegates from outside NYC.

There will be a "hard vote" of the NYS voters as to whether or not to convene a Constitutional Convention on the ballot, election day, November 2017. If the vote is to convene there will be a meeting of the Delegates in April of 2019 and the vote to amend the NYS Constitution will go to the voters on election day, November 2019. This convention could be a threat and real game changer to civil service workers regarding some things we now take for granted; that our benefits in retirement will still be there when we get there, the "sunset clause" we enjoy that keeps our benefits in place when we are without a contract and the guarantee of our pension when we retire.

Pay attention to the CONCON and get involved if and when we call for your assistance to preserve your rights. There is a lot of money behind the CONCON; billionaires that want to weaken unions for their own profit and control.

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