Constitutional Convention Action Update

Monday, October 2, 2017

In December of 2014, COBANC President, Billy Imandt was one of approximately 15 other Presidents (out of 85 total) that were appointed by the PEC (Public Employees Conference) Con Con Chairman, Gordy Warnock to serve as a member of the committee. We have met approximately ten times with the purpose of defining, developing and implementing strategies to defeat the referendum to have a Constitutional Convention, which will be on the ballot this November. With election day fast approaching, the union will be holding Con Con (only) Town Hall meetings, throughout the month of October, in each court building to discuss strategies and plans to affect the vote. Dates to be announced shortly. We will also be posting editorials and videos on our website approximately every two weeks, until the election, to assist you when you speak to your family, neighbors and friends about the Con Con and why THEY should vote NO.

CONCON ACTION UPDATE: As soon as they come in, we will be handing out a magnetic bumper sticker to each member regarding voting NO on the Constitutional Convention. We expect them to be delivered within a week. We will also be distributing, to each member, a lawn sign that gives a good reason for the public to vote NO this November - MORE TAXES! The lawn signs will be strategically given to our members approximately 1-2 weeks before the November 7th election. Marketing studies have shown that once a lawn sign (any kind) is up for an extended period of time, they start to become invisible, except to new people. We don't need to convince people a month ahead of time - we need to convince them for when they walk into the voting booth. Various billionaire groups, such as the Koch brother, will be putting out very convincing videos and commercials over the next few weeks to convince the public that this is the way to end corruption in NY politics. I have already seen two of them. With Skelos and Silver's arrests, and especially with the overturning of their convictions, they have a lot to work with. Besides the bumpers stickers and lawn signs, the union will let you know what YOU can do to help defeat the Con Con at the Town Hall meetings. Please try to attend these meetings. This is for our retirees, yours and your children's future.

Please click here to watch the Con Con video.

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