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Wednesday, July 29, 2015
Lastly, it appears as though our Political Action efforts are beginning to pay-off. Besides Supervisor Mangano seeing me in his office about the building conditions, one of our endorsed candidates in 2014, State Assemblyman Mike Montasano, sent me a copy of a letter he wrote to Chief Administrative Judge, Gail A. Prudenti (just before her retirement announcement) this month. This was an unsolicited letter about a very important issue to COBANC members that have child care needs. In the letter Assemblyman Montesano asks Judge Prudenti for an EMPLOYEE ONLY child care center to be opened in currently unused space in the new Family Court/Matrimonial Center in Mineola once it opens. In the letter he notes that there are childcare facilities for the public, but none for the court employees. He even proposed a solution as to how to achieve this from start to finish. He noted that there is a large room in the auditorium that will not be utilized due to lack of funding. He suggests that the Court Employee Childcare center be operated by a not for profit organization with the space provided to them at no cost. The employee would pay a reduced fee. He also notes that having the center "on site" and at a reduced rate would "reduce the amount of lost time incurred by the employees in dealing with unforeseen child care issues" and would be more affordable to our members.
This was a very pleasant surprise because, as I stated, Assemblyman Montesano did this on his own - without a request from COBANC. Note that Mike Montesano is someone that Judge Prudenti (now her replacement) will listen to as he is a member of the NYS Assembly Judiciary committee. When I called Mike to find out where this benevolence came from he told me that he is a practicing attorney in the Nassau County Courts and is appalled as to the working & building conditions and how poorly we are being treated staffing-wise and contract-wise. WOW! How refreshing. Thank you Mike!
That's it for now. Expect to see more frequent updates as I have asked 2nd VP, Mike Riviero to become our website's Editor and to put out information at least once or twice a month so the members know that we are working hard for them and what we are up to.
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