COBANC Members Honored in Albany

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Five COBANC member Court Officers were honored on May 1st during a Law Day ceremony at the Court of Appeals in Albany. Majors Kevin Anderson and Karen Mulvey, Sargents Michelle Barrett and Michael Fauci and Officer Mark Pullo were recognized for coming to the aid of a person who was the victim of an overdose. Deputy Chief Judge, Larry Marks presented the Officers with their award in front of a packed house that included the Justices of the Court of Appeals, including Chief Judge Janet DeFiore and many other OCA dignitaries and employees from around the state. From Nassau County, Administrative Judge Thomas Adams and COBANC President, Billy Imandt made the trip to Albany to honor our hero Officers. Click the image below to watch a video from the event.

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  • Today we honor our heroes Tommy, Mitch and Harry. Never Forget.
    1 year 8 months ago