2011-2019 New Contract Benefits

Monday, October 2, 2017

Additional new benefits from the 2011-2019 COBANC contract: (New language is in bold type and underlined) Again, these are not the best of the best additions. We are going through the contract in the order that changes appear so you become familiar with these additional benefits.

Section 9.4 (I)(3): Non-uniformed and Uniformed Personnel Who Incur Non-Line of duty Injury/Illness; New language referring to the waiting period during a Workers Comp case and the use of members own leave time (credits as they call them) used during that period. Added as such: "In the event the restoration of credits is not sufficient to restore the full amount of accrued leave used during the waiting period, the State shall credit to the employee's leave accruals, the difference between the accrued leave used and the Worker's Compensation Board Credit."

Section 9.4 (II) Uniformed Personnel Injured in the Line of Duty. Additional language added to include any injury "caused by an accident while driving a motor vehicle in the course of providing judicial protection or while making bank deposits, any injury incurred while on Mobile Security Patrol (MSP) Assignment." Also added, "Any injury" incurred in the course of training including firearms training, practice at the firearms range, "and OC, baton training"; "any injury incurred through an assault to the employee, any injury incurred by the employee while guarding a prisoner including, but not limited to, any injury suffered by the employee while transporting a prisoner," 

Section 9.5(f) Death in the immediate Family title changed to "Bereavement Leave". Also added, "Additionally, effective with the execution [of] this Agreement, one-day (seven work hours) of bereavement leave shall be allowed for an employee's brother-in-law or sister-in-law"

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