C.O.B.A.N.C. Member of the Month

COBANC May, 2012 Member of the Month - Gail Morritt

Gail Morritt began her job as Senior Court Office Assistant Keyboarding in the Matrimonial Court in February 2009. She immediately grasped a working knowledge of her job specifications and performed them with utmost professionalism. Her positive attitude demonstrated her exceptional people skills and verbal communication skills with the public and fellow co-workers. Without being asked, Gail will assist fellow employees whenever possible. This includes taking on tasks outside of her ordinary responsibilities. She is a professional and courteous worker, both on the phone and at the general public counter. It is our honor to select Gail as Employee of the Month from the Matrimonial Court.

COBANC April, 2012 Member of the Month - Major Robert (Bob) Priore

Bob started his court career as an Officer in Manhattan Family Court on October 1, 1990. In August 1992, Bob was transferred to District Court in Hempstead and in April 2002 he was promoted to Sergeant. In August 2004, Bob was promoted to Lieutenant in the Supreme Court. He was promoted again in December 2004 to Captain in the County Court. In February 2005, Bob was reassigned as Captain to the Supreme Court and in November 2009 he was promoted to Major in the Supreme Court. Major Priore will retire April 27, 2012, which will be a sad day for everyone in the Supreme Court, but a start to a retirement life for Major and his family. Robert Priore married his wife Linda in 1974 and has three daughters, twins Heather and Jennifer, and Nicole. Bob and Linda are also the proud grandparents of eight grandchildren (five girls and three boys). Bob and Linda will soon retire to their home in Port Richey, Florida where Bob is looking forward to relaxing days, which will include swimming daily, fishing, boating and kayaking.

COBANC March, 2012 Member of the Month - Mike Grillo

This month’s recipient is Michael Grillo. Mike has recently been assigned as the patrol supervisor of the County Court Patrol Staff. In a short period of time, Mike has provided a clear and positive direction for the officers and displays a strong sense of leadership . As our staffing has decreased, the patrol unit has become an integral part of our daily safety operation. Mike personally encourages others to set their own high personal standards enabling them to achieve their optimal potential. Sergeant Grillo has turned a very good group of officers into an even better cohesive unit.

COBANC February, 2012 Member of the Month - Ronald Lopez of Family Court

Ron has been an interpreter for 17 years. Currently translating English to Spanish for the Family Court, he is the kind of member that goes above and beyond. With his warm smile, Ron always takes the time needed to translate putting the court user a bit more at ease, at the sometimes confusing legal jargon that we encounter every day. It is not just a job to Ron, it’s just doing what he loves to, and that’s helping people.

COBANC November, 2011 Member of the Month - Lorraine Jannello

Lorraine Jannello has been selected as the Member of the Month for January 2012. Lorraine is the Administrative Services Clerk in the Chief Clerks Office of District Court. There is no job too tough for Lorraine to tackle. It is her dedication to her job that makes her a special employee. Whether she is helping fellow COBANC members find answers to their questions or making sure the right parties are contacted to address the many needs and challenges that require attention in the court buildings, Lorraine is the one that gets the job done with a smile. It is our pleasure to award Lorraine with this honor.

COBANC October, 2011 Member of the Month - James Sullivan

Jim Sullivan started as a court officer and has continued up through the ranks until reaching his current title as the Supervisor in Criminal South. Jim is affectionately known as “Father Jim.” He is always concerned with all the employees’ needs and issues. He has a unique management style, that is friendly, yet effective. Jim is a staunch supporter of the union and its members, and is always willing to listen and consider with an open mind any issues the union may have. Jim is a deserving recipient of this special recognition.

COBANC September, 2011 Member of the Month - Catherine Doyle

Captain Catherine Doyle started her career as a court officer in the Nassau County Family Court and soon ascended through the ranks to reach the rank of captain in 2004. Captain Doyle always puts the needs of the officers and clerks she trains above everything else. Throughout her career in Nassau County, she has always gone above and beyond in all she does. She is a past recipient of COBANC’s Award of Merit and is always helpful to COBANC members. She is a role model and someone worthy of recognition.

COBANC August, 2011 Member of the Month - Kevin Brosnan

Kevin Brosnan started his career as a court officer in April, 1990, in Manhattan Criminal Court. He soon became a senior court clerk. In 2001, he was promoted to associate court clerk and assigned to the Nassau County Matrimonial Center. Kevin is always eager to assist pro-selitigants drawing on his knowledge and experience to answer all their questions. He is also very quick to lend a helping hand to his coworkers. Kevin truly is a worthy recipient of this recognition.

COBANC July, 2011 Member of the Month - Maryann Camilleri

Maryann Camilleri works in the Adoption/Guardianship Section of the Nassau Family Court. Maryann is a ready source of information and always makes herself available to the public to answer any questions and to assist with completing paperwork. Maryann’s helpful personality, warm smile and ability to share her knowledge of the Guardianship/Adoption process has made her stand out both with the public and her peers. Maryann is well deserving of this award.

COBANC June, 2011 Member of the Month - Kathleen Holland

Congratulations to Kathleen Holland, Court Assistant. Kathleen has been named COBANC Member of the Month for June because of her outstanding contributions and her dedication in both her business and private life. Kathy is very active in AMC-Children of Hope, as well as with the collection of food for the Faith Mission Soup Kitchen. She also serves as a Trustee on the COBANC Health and Welfare Board. “Nominating Kathy was easy because she does so much and always has a smile and something nice to say,” stated Karen Holmgaard. Kathleen has been selected as COBANC Member of the Month of June in recognition of all her efforts.