C.O.B.A.N.C. Member of the Month

COBANC March, 2013 Member of the Month - Jeffery Mofenson

COBANC's member of the month for March is Jeffery Mofenson. Jeff, a court officer with the Nassau County District Court, is a 19-year veteran of the court system and a dedicated professional. He was selected for this honor because he is an exemplary officer and a true gentleman. Jeff is always the first one to enter the courtroom and last to leave. He is always willing to cover any assignment or assist in any way possible. Jeff is a good friend to all of his co-workers and always serves the public in a pleasant and professional manner. Jeff's dedication goes beyond the courthouse; he has been a volunteer fireman for the past 25 years. It is just Jeff's nature to be helpful.

COBANC February, 2013 Member of the Month - Marty Messina

Marty Messina has dedicated two decades to the New York State Courts and the Commissioner of Jurors Office as a Driver Messenger. He is always eager to step forward and get the job done, from shuttling jurors around to the maintenance of vehicles. Marty has had to overcome many obstacles during the past years, but that has never stopped him from arriving to work with his smile and that desire to get the job done. Thank you Marty for your never-ending dedication.

COBANC January, 2013 Member of the Month - Yolanda Mulholland

Yolanda Mulholland, an associate court clerk, has been serving in the Nassau County Surrogate’s Court for more than 25 years. Mulholland is always more than willing to lend a helping hand. Her patience and helpfulness is appreciated not only by the public, but by her coworkers as well. Mulholland is married and a mother of four. In her spare time, she enjoys baking the “best crumb cake in all of Nassau County.”

COBANC December, 2012 Member of the Month - Mick Diorio

Mick Diorio entered the Court Officers Academy in January, 2006. Upon graduation, he was assigned to Nassau County. At that time, new officers assigned to Nassau were doing rotations among the courts. His last rotation was in the Matrimonial Center, where he has worked since March of 2007. Mick’s positive and professional manner working with both the public and his fellow employees has been nothing but exemplary. Although Mick has the least seniority and has had many reassignments to other posts, he takes it all in stride. Mick also has a unique sense of humor that makes him a pleasure to work with. For these reasons and more, we are happy to select Mick Diorio as COBANC’s December, 2012 member of the month.

COBANC November, 2012 Member of the Month - Ignatius Muscarella

Ignatius Muscarella started in the courts in 1981 as a law secretary to Judge Jaspan. He then served thirteen years with Judge Brucia and twelve years with Judge Phelan. Nate is now a court attorney-referee of the Guardianship Department in the Supreme Court. Nate has been married to his wife Ann for twenty-eight years and they have three children, CJ, Leigh and Charlie. He coached soccer for ten years and is a founding trustee of the Courthouse Kiwanis Club and has been for twenty years. For the past twenty years, Nate has been a volunteer with Island Harvest, the largest food bank on Long Island, and has served on their board for the last ten years.

COBANC October, 2012 Member of the Month - Jean McNee

Jean McNee, Case Management Coordinator in County Court, has been selected as COBANC Member of the Month. She does an impeccable job managing the Treatment Court, assumes the responsibilities of the Chief Clerk in his absence and she is beloved by all the staff. Jean is a big supporter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) and recently completed a fundraiser walk for that organization. Congratulations to Jean on receiving this award.

COBANC September, 2012 Member of the Month - Rob Grosso

Our Family Court COBANC Member of the Month is Senior Court Clerk Rob Grosso. Rob started his career with the courts in 1996 as a court officer. Post academy, he was assigned to work in Bronx Criminal Court before coming to Nassau County Family Court in 1998. Rob served Family Court as a court officer for nine years before being promoted to senior court clerk in 2007. After working in Brooklyn Civil Court for six months, he was welcomed back to Nassau Family Court in his newly acquired title, and quickly established himself as an asset. Rob works with every judge, support magistrate and attorney referee with equal ability and always takes the initiative to fill in any of the gaps that may arise during daily operations. Rob’s ability to remain calm and collected, to draw from his personal knowledge and experience, and to handle any task before him, has earned him the right to be acknowledged as the Nassau County Family Court, COBANC Member of the Month.

COBANC August, 2012 Member of the Month - George Steele

This month’s recipient is George Steel. George is an Associate Court Clerk in Part 9L of District Court, located strangely enough in the basement of County Court. George is professional, experienced and knowledgeable. He presents the public with a sterling example of how court personnel should perform their duties. Nominated by Bob Thidemann, George is obviously well liked amongst his peers as well as his subordinates and supervisors alike. It is our pleasure to congratulate George and award him this honor.

COBANC July, 2012 Member of the Month - Peggy Smith

Peggy Smith has been working in the Commissioner of Jurors Office since March 24, 1994. She began her career as a Court Office Assistant and is currently a Senior Court Office Assistant. Peggy provides the answers to dozens of questions from potential jurors either over the phone or at the counter in Room 110D of the County Court Building. She routinely processes hundreds of qualification questionnaires; assists with answering the mound of mail each day and takes attendance for the Grand Jury. She juggles all of these duties (and more) with a smile. She is an absolute pleasure to work with and is a treasured friend to so many who have had the honor of working with her through the years. Outside the office, Peggy enjoys spending time with her 14-year-old daughter, Tiara. They are both movie fanatics. It is a testament to Peggy's good parenting that Tiara is an honor student, polite and an amiable young lady. CONGRATULATIONS AND THANK YOU PEGGY!

COBANC June, 2012 Member of the Month - Rosemarie Hasci

Rosemarie Hasci is a Senior Court Clerk in the Probate Department, where she has worked for several years. During that time, the Probate Department was reduced from five clerks to three clerks, as if nothing ever changed. She continues to assist the public and the Attorneys with a smile. Rosemarie is an outstanding Court Clerk and a morale booster. She is like a cruise activity director, keeping the clients happy, her co-workers smiling and always ready to plan an exciting employee gathering. Rosemarie is a big reason why the Surrogates Court remains a happy family.