C.O.B.A.N.C. Member of the Month

COBANC January, 2014 Member of the Month - John Milano

In 1997, John Milano started in the Nassau County Court System and in COBANC. He is currently a Court Analyst in the Nassau County Supreme Court supply room. John is one of the most "can do" people we have ever met. Whenever possible, John will always say "yes" to virtually anything that is asked of him. He is a sweet guy and ALWAYS helpful ALL the time which is why he has been selected as the Supreme Court's COBANC January, 2014 Member of the Month - without any reservation. He is a true asset to COBANC, the Supreme Court and the Nassau County Court System.

COBANC December, 2013 Member of the Month - James Barbieri

New York State Court Officer James Barbieri has been selected as the COBANC Member of the Month for the month of December 2013. His cheerful attitude, work ethic and tenacity during this time with his battle against cancer are an inspiration to us all.

COBANC November, 2013 Member of the Month - Richard Dipresso

Our member of the month for November is Court Officer Richard DiPresso of Family Court. Rich became a Court Officer in 1994 and has been assigned to Nassau Family Court ever since. Rich has consistently proven himself to be a dependable, knowledgeable, kind and courteous asset to the Family Court. He has evolved with the changes that have taken place over the years and continues to serve the courts and the public as a consummate professional.

COBANC October, 2013 Member of the Month - Pete Napolitano

Pete Napolitano has been a fixture in the District Court for the last 30 years. He started as a Court Officer in Mineola in 1983 and moved over to Hempstead in 1988. He became a Senior Court Clerk in the mid-1990's. His easy-going courtroom style and presence has made Pete a long-time favorite of the Judges, the attorneys, and his fellow workers in the Court system. His knowledge of the law and criminal procedure makes him a true "Go-To-Guy" for his fellow clerks in the building. Pete has endured some tough times in the past year, but always comes to work with a smile on his face and a genuine concern for everyone he associates with. Pete is and continues to be a valuable asset to the Courts of Nassau County and to COBANC. Thank you Pete for three decades of outstanding service!

COBANC September, 2013 Member of the Month - Beatrice “Bea” Lorenti

Beatrice “Bea” Lorenti is a Sr. Court Office Assistant and a 13-year veteran of the courts. Working in the Commissioner of Jurors Office, Beatrice impanels the Grand Jury, is their liaison between the District Attorney’s office and the court, and she also handles GJ payroll and all procedural matters regarding the Grand Jury.

Bea has always been a loyal, selfless, highly knowledgeable go-to person at the Commissioner of Jurors Office. Bea brings a level of professionalism to every job she covers. She handles the Grand Jury for the office and payroll with great care and skill. We, her colleagues, feel that our day is blessed with her presence. Thank you Bea and congratulations on being recognized as the COBANC September Employee of the Month.

COBANC August, 2013 Member of the Month - Richard Rommeney

Rich began his career in the Unified Court System in 1982 as a UCO. In 1989 he came to Nassau County as a SCC. He has been working in the Mat Center since 2001, where he has risen to the top of exceptional courtroom clerks. He is the “go to” person when it comes to training new clerks in the Mat Center. He is also the person his fellow clerks go to when seeking procedural advice. He has always been professional, courteous, and conscientious to both his fellow workers and the general public. He is a huge asset to the Mat Center and the Unified Court System.

COBANC July, 2013 Member of the Month - Tammar George

Tammar George works in the Nassau County Surrogates Court in the Certificate Department. She is responsible for Letters Testamentary, administration, etc. She is a diligent employee, whose work ethic is commendable. For more than ten years, Tammar has worked in Surrogates Court and has been a true asset. The King himself approves!

COBANC June, 2013 Member of the Month - Rich Panarella

Rich Panarella, Senior Court Clerk, Supreme Court, has been a COBANC member since 1999 and has been the unofficial trainer of the courtroom clerks in Supreme Court for more than a decade. In fact, more than half the courtroom clerks in Supreme Court were trained by Rich, which is probably one of the reasons why judges, members of the bar and the public always comment on the professionalism of the courtroom clerk staff. Besides being a "master trainer" Rich is an involved COBANC member and a really great guy to everyone.

COBANC May, 2013 Member of the Month - Barbara Cantone

The illustrious and dedicated Barbara Cantone is County Court’s May Member of the Month. Barbara’s career of nearly 30 years, began as a Court Officer. She was promoted through the clerk series, where she is now a Principal Court Clerk. Most conspicuous are her contributions to the management of the clerk’s office. She has tremendous computer experience and has created numerous programs that are used throughout the courthouse, from the clerk’s offices to judicial chambers. Many of these programs are truly exclusive to County Court. Most importantly, she has been a COBANC delegate. Her service as delegate commenced in 2005 and has spanned over four elected terms until now, at which time she has decided to resign, as she is contemplating retirement before the end of the new delegate term. She will be sorely missed, as she has been an exemplary model of not only an employee of the Unified Court System, but also as a representative of the employees of County Court.

COBANC April, 2013 Member of the Month - Susan Petry

Susan Petry, a court assistant, has been serving the public in the New York State Unified Court System since 2005 and has worked full time in Nassau County Family Court for almost three years. Although she has a master's degree in education from Queens College, she says she wouldn't trade her job for anything. She works at the public information counter in the general clerk's office. She loves working with and helping the public and serves everyone with a kind, pleasant and professional manner. Susan loves to travel in her free time. She has visited London, Paris, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and Germany. She also enjoys spending time visiting Manhattan and seeing Broadway shows, and she loves to read and bake. Susan is married and has two teenage daughters who keep her very busy. It is our pleasure to award Susan with this honor, as her dedication is evident to all of her coworkers. She is a worthy recipient of this recognition.