C.O.B.A.N.C. Member of the Month

COBANC December, 2014 Member of the Month - Patricia Frey

I would like to nominate Patricia Frey as a member of the month. Patti started her career with the NYS Court System in March of 2005. Patti is currently assigned to the Judicial Docketing department. Patti's primary responsibilities are the processing of the Neglect /Abuse petitions and the Juvenile Delinquency petitions. Patti is also a major contributor to handling the staggering number of Guardianship petitions that are now filed in the Family Court. Patti is a team player who is always willing to step up and assist anyone she can including the general public, attorneys and many agencies who work within the Family Court. Patti has also worked in the Record Room and Support Magistrate courtrooms during her almost ten years with the Family Court.

COBANC November, 2014 Member of the Month - Tim Zanchelli

When you think of good hard working people the name Tim Zanchelli comes to mind, that is why he is the member of the month. Tim started his court career as a Court Officer in March 2000. He was promoted to Senior Court Clerk in 2008 and current works in Supreme Court. Tim is married to his beautiful wife Beth, and loves nothing more than to spending time with his 2 children Eve and Patrick. When he’s not being a great dad he has been known to enjoy a nice cigar and a round of golf.

COBANC September, 2014 Member of the Month - Allen Zanone

Allen Zanone was an easy choice for Member of the month for September. Allen is the author of several letters one to the state comptroller Tom DiNapoli and one to Lauren Desole, about how the court employees in NY state are being mistreated, and unfairly compensated. That alone is enough to make our decision to honor him. On a personal note Allen is a kind friendly face in the clerk’s office of District Court, were he is never too busy to say Hello, how are you? This is why we recognize Allen as Member of the month

COBANC August, 2014 Member of the Month - Paul Paoli Associate Court Clerk

Paul Paoli is a 24 year veteran in the court system, who has worked his way up from officer to Associate Court Clerk. Paul has been in several builds within the county and everyone he meets say the same thing about him, “Paul, he’s a great guy.” Paul’s smiling face, positive attitude and helpful ways is what made him member of the month.

COBANC July, 2014 Member of the Month - Danny McWeeney of County Court

After graduating from the Court Officer Academy in 1994, I was assigned to Queens Criminal Court. Due to staffing shortages) I was sent temporarily to Brooklyn Criminal Court. After about 4 months, I was reassigned back to Queens criminal where I stayed until 1999. At this point, I was promoted to SCO and assigned to Queens Civil Supreme. After about6 months was I transferred to Queens ,Criminal Supreme Annex where I stayed 7 years. In 2007, I was transferred to County Court in Mineola, where I am still currently assigned. In 1995, I joined the NYS Courts Pipes and Drums Band as a bagpiper. I have played at many occasions including all graduation ceremonies since 1996. Other times, the band has played at court house ceremonies and "too many funerals" of "Court Family" members. We also proudly played at 9/11 services of our fallen and every year since the anniversary, the memorials. Last year, in 2013, I was selected to be Drum Major to lead the band down the street during parades and other events. In spare time, I enjoy my 3 sons, daughter and my 2 granddaughters. I also work occasionally at the Knights of Columbus in Mineola. Thanks You for this honor.

COBANC June, 2014 Member of the Month - Shelly Hartman of Family Court

Shelly Hartman is a true example of the many fine employees in the Family Court.

As a Court Assistant, Shelly's calm and kind demeanor and her positive interaction with the public, judicial staff and her fellow employees makes worthy to be nominated as June's Member of the Month. Shelly is very highly respected for her strong work ethic, ability to multi-task and her overall professionalism. Shelly has only been employed by the New York State Unified Court System for about three years, but she has the presence and effect of a long time veteran.

Congratulations, Shelly!

COBANC May, 2014 Member of the Month - Brenda Hayden of District Court

Brenda Hayden started her court career as a court officer in Brooklyn criminal court 18 years ago. She was promoted to senior court clerk and took a position in Nassau County District Court where she has been for the past 8 years. She is currently assigned to the Landlord and Tenant Part which is one of the busiest courtrooms in district court. L&T can be a very stressful courtroom to work in, dealing with people's homes and money constantly. Brenda always handles each person with professionalism and compassion. These qualities are what made it so easy to select her as COBANC's employee of the month.

COBANC April, 2014 Member of the Month - Greg Mahoney

Our office is proud to select Greg Mahoney as Member of the Month for April. Greg has been a member of the Nassau County courts since 1982. He has served in Family Court, Supreme Court and the Commissioner of Jurors office. Greg's knowledge ensures that our office runs smoothly and that all parties, be it jurors or attorneys, are served with professionalism and integrity.

COBANC March, 2014 Member of the Month - Kathy Moran

Kathy Moran, Supervising Court Office Assistant in Surrogates Court, has 27 years of experience within the Courts. Kathy presently works in the Calendar Department. Kathy operates the most efficient Calendar Department in all of New York State. Surrogates Court is proud to have Kathy as part of their family.

COBANC February, 2014 Member of the Month - Michael Campisi

Michael Campisi started as a Court Officer in 1999. Upon graduation he worked in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Nassau Criminal and Supreme Courts for the next seven years. In 2007, Mike was promoted to Senior Court Clerk in Queens Family Court before transferring to Nassau County Supreme Court Matrimonial Center in 2008. Mike is the clerk for the Supervising Judge, which is one of the busiest parts in the Matrimonial Center. He handles his responsibilities with professionalism and treats both attorneys and litigants courteously and respectfully. Mike is an asset to the Mat Center and for that, he has been chosen our February Member of the Month.