Member Benefits

COBANC Supplemental Healthcare Benefits

Administered through the COBANC Health & Welfare Fund

COBANC Supplemental Plan Description

COBANC Supplemental Healthcare Benefits Enrollment

Please see a delegate or stop by the COBANC office for a Health & Welfare Enrollment/Information Card. Be sure to fill out a new form each time you add a dependent or change your address. Enrollment of a dependent requires your card to be accompanied by a copy of the marriage certificate, birth certificate, or Domestic Partner Application (see link below). Please remember to sign and date your card.

COBANC Supplemental Healthcare Claims Processing

33 Earle Ovington Blvd., Suite 300,
Uniondale, NY 11553-3608
Call: 1-888-468-5178

All COBANC Supplemental Healthcare claims, except the Maternity Claim, should be submitted to Healthplex for processing. When filing a Maternity Claim, all paperwork (Claim Form, copy of the Birth Certificate or Adoption Papers, and a new Health & Welfare Enrollment/Information Card) must be submitted to COBANC. Once we have enrolled your new dependent for coverage, we will forward your claim to Healthplex for processing.

Dental Care Benefits

  • Group Numbers for Dental Providers 
  • GG-489A2 – Full-Time Members
  • GG-489P2 – Part-Time Members
  • GG-489R2 – Retired Members
  • To Locate a Dental Provider click the link below and enter your Group Number.
    Locate a Dental Provider

Vision Care Benefits

COBANC offers vision benefits through four different networks. The choice of network is yours. Out-of-Network vision care benefits will be paid according to the schedule listed in your benefit book.

The first time you or your covered dependent visits a vision care provider, they will verify your eligibility within the network they belong to. Our claims processor, Healthplex, makes every effort to provide your eligibility to these networks in advance, but there are various reasons your information may not be in their records. For this reason, it is recommended that you ask the provider to verify your eligibility in advance of your first visit.

  • General Vision Services
    Includes GVS brand plus many Independent stores.
    To locate a store within the GVS network and see the benefits provided through this network click the link below and enter your Benefit Number.
    Benefit Numbers for GVS
    7521 –Active Full-Time Employee
    7520 –Active Part-Time Employee
    7502 –Range Instructors
    7522 –Retiree

    GVS Locations and Benefits

  • Supplemental Benefits Services Inc
    Includes many Independent stores.
    To locate a store within the Supplemental Benefits network and see the benefits provided through this network click the appropriate link below.
    Supplement Benefits Services

Hearing Aid Benefits

COBANC members have access through DavisVision to the largest hearing care provider network in the country and substantial savings on top-tier manufacturer brand devices and related professional services through the EPIC Hearing Service Plan.

Healthcare Claim Forms

World Trade Center Sick Leave

If you participated, even on a voluntary basis, in the World Trade Center rescue, recovery or cleanup operations and have since developed a qualifying World Trade Center condition, as defined in section two of the Retirement and Social Security Law, you may be eligible for sick leave at full pay and without charge to accruals for absences due to this condition (“WTC Sick Leave”). Eligible employees may be entitled to restoration of prior sick leave accruals. Filing is a 2-step process. The deadline to file the first step is September 11, 2022. Please click the links below for detailed instructions and forms.

Sick Leave Bank

Legal Services

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