About Us and Our History

Since its inception, in 1979, the Court Officer’s Benevolent Association of Nassau County (COBANC) has had an interesting life. As a union we have had an incredible impact on worker’s rights, working conditions and compensation..

Not that it has been without controversy. With many more job titles and levels of supervision than most unions and many Executive Board members taking a strong leadership role when it was in the members best interests – and sometimes when THEY THOUGHT it was in the member’s best interest.

It was the reason for many great debates – from the membership and from the Executive Board. Many ended in one side getting the other side to see their point. Some ended with one side using the Constitution to impose their agenda.

But, we’re a 35 year work in process and we’re always evolving and improving:

  • We started the Geographic pay lawsuit that many downstate unions now enjoy
  • We were a court union that voted down a contract by one vote. We then were offered a better contract just a few months later.
  • We picketed and finally got OCA to come to the table after years of ignoring us.
  • We got them to shut down the water fountains and provide bottled water when lead was discovered in the pipes.
  • Heart and Body scans has SAVED LIVES!
  • We fought and won the “parking lot battle” when the county Executive tried to sell the Supreme Court south parking lot. We have had guaranteed free adjacent parking ever since.
  • Our annual benefits usually exceed the cost of annual dues
  • Twice now we have been successful in joining with other unions to help defeat bad contracts.

We have done so much more. I’m calling on our COBANC “historians” to submit other examples of great moments in COBANC history.