(Mostly good) News Regarding the Clerk Series upgrade

Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Yesterday, February 27, 2018, The Court Clerk upgrade coalition team consisting of President's Billy Imandt (COBANC), Bill Dobbins (SCCEA), Selene Jackson (9
th JD) and Court Clerk's Association's Glenn Damato met with Chief Administrative Judge Larry Marks and OCA Executive Director Ron Younkins and OCA Chief of Operations, Barry Clarke to discuss progress on our Court Clerk Series Upgrade initiative.
In our hour and a half meeting many issues were discussed. Below is a brief summary of the progress we have made:
Good News:
  • In front of all four Presidents (It was Glenn's first-time meeting with OCA with us), Judge Marks confirmed that there WILL be an upgrade. He has been saying that to me, Bill and Selene for over a year, but this was the first time Glenn heard it from the Judge in a meeting with the other Presidents.
  • Judge Marks also said that the Clerks WILL be the next group upgraded.
  • [I've been asking for this for two years now - finally] Judge Marks has invited the four Presidents to join OCA's reclassification team in a think tank to offer ideas and suggestions of how to implement the statewide upgrade. The Judge and Ron Younkins made something very clear several times yesterday (which Bill, Selene and I knew already) this is NOT a negotiation; this is to help them put forth a more proper, fair and balanced upgrade. Upgrades cannot be negotiated. You must present your best case and then it is up to the Chief Administrative Judge, Judge Marks, to decide if it is warranted - and if so, when they will implement it.
  • We will soon be meeting with Judge Marks, Ron Younkins and Barry Clarke again to give our input in crafting a union acceptable "commitment letter" to put out to the Clerks.
Bad News:
  • Because of the retro pay is estimated to be well in excess of 65 million dollars to the NYSCOA, SCOA and Clerk's union, the Clerk upgrade won't happen this upcoming fiscal year (2018-19). But, when pressed about the next fiscal budget, Judge Marks gave a guarded but very positive response with a promise of further discussions about "when" at our next meeting.
I want to remind all COBANC members that our Non-Peace Officer upgrade coalition will continue to meet to work on upgrades "from the bottom grades up" with a goal of reviewing ALL titles. I was so happy to have been able to call our grade 8's last week to let them know that their reallocation upgrade from JG-8 to JG-10 went into effect on February 22. This represents an approximate 11% increase in their annual salaries. The coalition was happy to promote this agenda with success for our lowest paid titles.
Lieutenant's, Captains and Majors you haven't been forgotten. No one will be forgotten.

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