Call to Action - Contact your State Senator and Assemblyman!

Friday, February 3, 2017
Message from President, Billy Imandt
NYS Assemblyman and Judiciary Committee member, Al Graf, has written a letter to ALL COURT UNION members asking us to help him help us.
Please read Al's letter below:
To make it easy enough to find YOUR legislator we have included the homepage links to both the Senate and the Assembly. Simply click on the links, enter your address on each site and, as Assemblyman Graf says in his letter, Call, Email AND (snail)mail - ALL THREE
FIND YOU LEGISLATOR BELOW - Contact both your state Senator AND Assemblyman
Also, NO FORM LETTERS, please. Personally, written letters are much more effective according to Assemblyman Graf.
Al has told me the there is a very small window of opportunity in that the Judiciary is RIGHT NOW discussing the amount of OCA'S budget and where is intended to be spent.
As you all know - we want decent compensation packages and our staffing restored to pre-2009 levels.
This is an easy way to get involved on a very important issue that could have a major impact on your life and wellbeing.
Assemblyman, Al Graf is trying to help us (and has been for years). PLEASE let's not let him down.
PLEASE share this with you co-workers, friends and family in other court unions. Posting on social media is encouraged.
We also request that you send copies of your letters to the COBANC office so we know what our members are saying.


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