COBANC Spearheads a New Presidents Forum

Wednesday, January 31, 2018
In the spirit of cooperation, our President has reached out to other court union Presidents, who have similar union title diversity, in an effort to communicate and cooperate to the betterment of ALL of our members. In the past, OCA has used the various union's secretive positions to exclude, or include certain groups to ours and other unions disadvantage.

President Imandt has a commitment from three other union Presidents (Bill Dobbins - SCCEA, Selene Jackson - 9th JD and Diane Hansen - CSEA 10th JD) to meet at least every two months, in what he is calling The President's Forum, to learn what is being done, said or negotiated with or by OCA.
The first meeting, which was hosted by COBANC here at HQ, was held this past Friday, January 19th and a wealth of useful information was exchanged.

The President's have agreed to meet again on Tuesday, February 13th. Hopefully, these meetings will level the playing field and give each President the information they need to help their members get the best contract and working conditions as possible.

We hope to have more Presidents onboard; however, when you have title specific unions (Officers, Clerks, Attorneys, Court Reporters) it becomes a bit more difficult to negotiate and exchange ideas, common situations and problems as those President's will be speaking only for the titles that they represent.


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