Brother and Sister Union SCCEA's Court officer with Narcan training stops overdose at courthouse

Friday, March 3, 2017
A man who is believed to have overdosed on drugs at a Central Islip courthouse Wednesday was revived thanks to a court officer with Narcan training.
Suffolk County Courts Sgt. Regina Rutigliano was standing in the lobby of the Cohalan Court Complex about 1:45 p.m. when she noticed a young man who appeared to be unwell.
“I had asked him if he had taken any drugs or felt ill,” Rutigliano said. “He started shaking and I knew something wasn’t right.”
The man then began to turn blue and Rutigliano and her fellow officer, Gregory Rains, laid the man on the ground. Rutigliano then administered three doses of Narcan to reverse the overdose as they waited for an ambulance.
Narcan, a name brand for the drug naloxone, is an emergency injection or nasal spray that can revive people who are suffering from an opiate overdose.
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