C.O.B.A.N.C. Member of the Month

COBANC July, 2017 Member of the Month - Jay Goldstein, Nassau District Court

COBANC February, 2016 Member of the Month - Albert Perrone

Officer Perrone is a hard working officer in the Matrimonial Center of Nassau County. He has been an officer in Manhattan Supreme Court, Criminal term, and Beaver Street. Proving he can handle the public, inmates, attorneys and Judges with aplomb. He continues to do so today in Nassau County where the regular attorneys all know and appreciate Officer Perrone.

COBANC November, 2015 Member of the Month - Karen Serkes

Karen Serkes was lucky enough to start working in the Nassau County Surrogate’s Court in October of 1979, which gives her 36 years of service in the court system. She has worked for 4 Surrogates: Judge Bennett, Judge Radigan, Judge Riordan, and Judge McCarthy. During her time in the court, she worked in the law department, Chiefs Clerk’s office, In-take department and for 27 years was the secretary to Judge Radigan and Judge Riordan. Karen enjoys the work and serving the public of Nassau County, she especially enjoys the many friends she has made in the court system.

COBANC September, 2015 Member of the Month - Keith Allen

I would like to congratulate Lt. Keith Allen for being chosen member of the month. He is constantly going out of his way to make the day better for his fellow Court employees. The man is pure heart and should be recognized for it. He never Minds answering questions or helping someone understand the daunting process of litigation and will always bend over backward to accommodate the needs of a fellow officer or court employee. Keith is always trying to make someone's day easier at the price of his own convenience. In my opinion he is what all court employees should be.

COBANC May, 2015 Member of the Month - SCO Thomas Murphy

Tom is a 19 yr veteran of the court system and proud father of 3 children. Tom knows the importance of family and that is why he started the James Barbieri Charity Softball Game. Tom saw the opportunity to help a friends family in need and ran with it. Thank you Tom for your hard work and Please keep on helping others.

COBANC April, 2015 Member of the Month - Ralph Joseph

Family Court is very proud to announce that Ralph Joseph has been selected as COBANC's April Member of the Month. Ralph has been Family Court's Driver Messenger since October 2008. Ralph is a highly valued employee at Family Court and he performs his mailroom, stockroom and driving responsibilities with the highest level of professionalism. Always quick with a smile, Ralph is a hardworking and reliable employee who takes pride in his responsibilities in the courthouse.
In his free time, Ralph enjoys home construction, music, watching his favorite soccer team (Barcelona) and raising his 4 children. 
Congratulations Ralph and keep smiling!

COBANC March, 2015 Member of the Month - James Fitzpatrick

James Fitzpatrick AKA Fitz, set a shining example for the rest of us to follow. His encyclopedic grasp of court procedures and his signature response of “Huh?”make him a much sought after source of reference or scapegoat, for defense attorneys and defendants alike. His has a willingness to go the extra mile, even if he gets lost on the way back. Fitz is friendly to a fault, quite often he will be found still having conversations with people who left the room fifteen minutes earlier! The comic relief alone is worth the trip to Part 9 . These quality are why Fitz was nominated for member of the month by his good friend Bob Thideman .

COBANC January, 2015 Member of the Month - Grace Witte

Grace Witte has been with the Surrogates Court since 1989. She presently works in the Miscellaneous Department, and is extremely knowledgeable in the SCPA(Surrogate's Court Procedure Act). Although she has been married to her loving husband Roy for 33 years she still manages to comes to work everyday with a smile on her face. This is why she has been chosen as Januarys member of the month.

COBANC December, 2014 Member of the Month - Patricia Frey

I would like to nominate Patricia Frey as a member of the month. Patti started her career with the NYS Court System in March of 2005. Patti is currently assigned to the Judicial Docketing department. Patti's primary responsibilities are the processing of the Neglect /Abuse petitions and the Juvenile Delinquency petitions. Patti is also a major contributor to handling the staggering number of Guardianship petitions that are now filed in the Family Court. Patti is a team player who is always willing to step up and assist anyone she can including the general public, attorneys and many agencies who work within the Family Court. Patti has also worked in the Record Room and Support Magistrate courtrooms during her almost ten years with the Family Court.

COBANC November, 2014 Member of the Month - Tim Zanchelli

When you think of good hard working people the name Tim Zanchelli comes to mind, that is why he is the member of the month. Tim started his court career as a Court Officer in March 2000. He was promoted to Senior Court Clerk in 2008 and current works in Supreme Court. Tim is married to his beautiful wife Beth, and loves nothing more than to spending time with his 2 children Eve and Patrick. When he’s not being a great dad he has been known to enjoy a nice cigar and a round of golf.